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the lust listt: November 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Gift guide for her: $400-500

This week's Gift Guide features a set of items within the $400-500 range. It was actually a lot more difficult to curate as many of the original ideas I had were either under $300, or over $500. Over a 5 hour period, I managed to track down some neat and useful gifts that fit into this price range. Enjoy!

1. Cocoon Wool Coat - Wilfred (Aritzia) | $450.00
I have the original version of this coat in a soft oatmeal color and let me say that although it may not look as sturdy as other winter jackets, it can definitely protect you from a Canadian cold of down to about -15 degrees. I reserve mine mainly for nights out or to a special event as the simple design lends an elegance to the wearer. This year Wilfred amps it up a notch with leather sleeves and zips along the front and forearms. I love the edginess of the exposed zippers and how different it is from typical pea coat. I'm almost 100% sure that this coat will make its way into my closet before the end of this season.

2. Louis Ghost Chair - DWR | $410.00
If I could, I would decorate my room with acrylic. I hate hiding components of decoration behind opaque silhouettes. Why shove that beautiful fur throw you have into a leather chair when you can show it off on top of an acrylic chair? Females like things besides fashion too.

3. Babs Bibb Mini Dress - ONE by Contrarian (ShopBop) | $410.86
The champagne color of this dress is perfect for literally every skin shade. I also love the sexy backless component of this dress. The simple straps and folds also create a very delicate and feminine feel. If I had the bank to own this, it would be the dress to ring in the New Year.

4. Sony DSC-QX100 - Amazon | $498.00
Every female is familiar with the art of the 'selfie'. And if you're an Instragram user like I am, you know how far a good quality photo can get you. Or for anyone who wants the versatility of HD photos without the bulkiness of a camera body, you can easily attach this lens-style camera to your smart-phone and snap away. The photos can be wirelessly synced to your phone so as to allow for easy photo-editing and uploading onto any social media platform. Now you can have better quality selfies while eliminating the need to delete an excess of 20 photos because half of them were 'bad'.

5. Varina Classic Bow Flats - Salvatore Ferragamo (ShopBop) | $490.42
I firmly believe that besides black, white, beige and navy, every woman should own a pair of red shoes. I know not everyone can traipse across the city in heels, so flats are the way to go. Although these will cost you a pretty dollar, they exude elegance, sophistication and class. The grosgrain bow is beautiful and the arch is softly cushioned to provide for ample support. If you're not ready for the commitment, there are a plethora of other options available for a fraction of the cost.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gift Guide for him: $500+

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to compile a guift guide for the guys, as it always has been. I took to social media and reached out for advice and suggestions from others and got some fantastic feedback! Hopefuly I'll be able to compile future lists on my own as now I have a slight idea of what guys prefer. So sit back and enjoy my curated gift guide for presents in the $500+ range.

1. Nikon D5200 - Nikon | $699.95
For the artistic side in your man, a introductory level camera is great for him to test out photography and still get stunning shots but not be stuck with a too expensive commitment if he decides that it's not the thing for him. This camera can still be used to shoot gorgeous everyday photos when you vacation, or just for the pure fun of it. And if he continues to pursue photography, it'll open windows into other more advanced cameras once he's gotten the hang of this one.

2. Front Row Tickets - His Favourite Sport | Relative
I fully believe in spoiling your man to his favourite interests. It was hard for me to pick just one sport as there are so many out there and many guys enjoy more than just one. So I just went with my S/O's favourite, the NBA. If you want to splurge, get him tickets for his favourite team playing against his favourite opponent, and if it's out of town, cover the travel and living expenses as well! If you want to keep it on the more affordable side, wait till his favourite team is playing a game in your city to save on some cash.

3. Flatbush Top Coat - John Varvatos (Nordstrom) | $652.49
In congruence with my last post, a good winter jacket is necessary to survive a Canadian winter. However you never want the jacket to swallow you and turn a fashionably planned outfit into a winter marshmellow. Many of my colleagues are currently on the hunt for the perfect career, and first impressions can make or break the interview. In order to keep with the professionally chic look, an over coat is the way to go. With a coat like this, you'll never have to question the balance between warmth and style.

4. Duffel Travel Bag - Lotuff Leather (EastDane) | $ 1,140.34
As I always like to say, "Travel in Style". This luxurious leather travel bag is the essence of my motto. Big enough to act as a weekender for a quick trip to another city to shop, or perfect for a week long excursion out of town to sight see. My biggest pet peeve is having to walk through public places pulling a clunky luggage case or gym bag. Especially if you're travelling professionally. Any leather travel bag can easily replace your current one and up the ante a little bit.

5. 13" Macbook Air - Apple | $1099
As a blogger, digital editing is a huge part of what I do and the Retina screen of Apple products is perfect to visualize every single pixel in full HD color. I'm a bigger fan of 15.5" screens, however because this size is the largest that Apple offers, it'll have to do. Why not a desktop you ask? I like to have my computer on the go with me so that I can work on my blog from anywhere, be it at the airport, at school, at a friend's house or at the coffee shop. Being a student also means carrying other things amongst your laptop in your bag, so the Air is perfect since it is so light.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Up clothes & personal [GIVEAWAY]

Are you looking for something different to do on a Friday night besides studying or partying? Come out this Friday to FLYBAR and mingle with some of the city's most fashionably forward for a networking event and enjoy some delicious desserts!

Get the chance to shop my closet with some curated styles for the cold winter season, pick up a beautiful clutch designed by Me.Tu and take home Parisianly chic styles by House of Dare.

Shoppers will be serenaded by the voice of Tara Vachon while enjoying delicate pastries sponsored by Moulin de Provence and Fruit Couture.

Don't worry if you don't find anything that you like! All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the Ottawa Humane Society and $1 from each  item sold will be contributed as well. If you're just hoping to attend and mingle and enjoy a fashionable night out on the town, Hair Designs by Paula will also be onsite to work magic on your hair for $5 or a donation!

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased from:
Gwen Madiba M.
Paula Whitelocke
Victoria Hui
Phone: 613.620.7990

What: Already sold? It gets even better, I'm hosting a giveaway for 2 tickets to this event! One for yourself and an extra for you to bring a friend! So you'll each be saving $5. 

How: Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any method of social media and comment below with a link to what you did! You MUST be a follower of my blog and I will be checking to see if you are before I award the tickets. And invite 10 friends who you think would love to attend the event on Facebook! Please leave me list of the 10 people in a private message if possible.

When: Before Friday @ 4:00 PM. I will personally message the winner of the giveaway and be in contact with them for the tickets.


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Monday, November 11, 2013

Gift Guide for her: $500+

As the season of gift-giving nears, everyone runs into the rut of what to get. Admit it, you've spent hours scouring the internet or stores trying to decide on the perfect gift while being frustrated with yourself for not listening to those subtle cues throughout the entire year of what gifts the person would like. I too fall into this trap. Being the perfectionist that I am, it's hard for me to find the 'perfect' gift; functional, cost efficient and valued. I've compiled a list of gifts for both him and her within a broad range of budgets in hopes of making everyone's shopping this year a little easier. Hopefully my suggestions will help you find the perfect gift, or give you ideas as to what to shop for. Each week as a countdown to Christmas, I'll release a short list of about 5 items for both genders going from $500+ down to $50+. I aim to hit all categories such as fashion, beauty, technology and home, but if you find that I'm missing anything, don't hesitate to leave me a suggestion or comment! I'd love to know what everyone else has on their wishlists for this year!
I'll admit it, although the items on today's wishlist may not be completely budget friendly for the 20 something year old working student like myself, every girl can dream right? I've included some quintessential items on this list that would be fantastic to recieve as a Christmas gift and can be worn to the following week's New Year's parties or any festivities that come up. Classic and simple, everything is black so as to match with whatever else is found in your wardrobe.

1. The 5050 Boot - Stuart Weitzman | $660.00
Living in Canada teaches you to dress warmly but fashionably for any occasion. If you are wearing a dress to a party this season, these sleek and simple boots will keep your attire within occasion while keeping your spindles warm. They also double after the parties are over as a chic way to liven up a simple jeans and t-shirt look. Simply slip these on and you can elevate any outfit to sophistication. They also help when you're walking through 2 feet of snow and those booties aren't cutting it anymore.

2.  Cluster Earrings - Tiffany's | $6,5050.00
As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl's best friend. The main theme of this list seems to be simple and timeless silhouettes. Studs can be used to dress up any formal outfit, or pull together a simple one. This pair is small and not over the top extravagant, so you can easily wear these without making others jealous, unless that's what you're aiming for.

A plush down coat is a must if you're going to brave the winter up here in the North. We get the rap for having snow year round, and I've heard stories of those coming from down South expecting to go skiing in the middle of July. Spoiler: we have 4 seasons in a year. Winter lasts a meager 2-3, before the snow melts and becomes slush. Even then, our winters can be harsh and very dry. As a student, I slave for the OC Transpo schedule each morning as I walk out to the bus stop, and sometimes the snow storms can cause buses to be 45 minutes to an hour behind schedule. Sometimes they don't even come altogether! Therefore a good coat that can cover past your buttocks is essential to block out that icy wind that gives your cheeks a winter blush (you don't want your other cheeks to be cherry red though). The added effect of the fur hood can block out any incoming snow to your face, but hey, wanting a nice snuggle doesn't hurt either.

4. Small Antigona - Givenchy | $2,280.00
The perfect structural bag that is casual yet sleek. This bag is large enough to fit those pair of mittens, beanie and head warmer you've brought along to keep yourself warm while you shop. I also love being able to throw in a water bottle and snack when I'm out and about in order to prevent unnecessary spending (I need to save money for clothes right?). This bag has an understated glam to it that lets the rest of your outfit shine through without completely disappearing into the background.

5. So Kate - Christian Louboutin | $625.00 (this color for the holidays)
Mr. Louboutin has done it again, this elegant and simple silhouette shows off the delicateness of the wearer's foot. Does that sound wierd? I don't think so. Not that I have a foot fetish, but I've always found that the higher the heel, the more beautiful the arch. Not only is the heel at the perfect height (not too high to be misinterpreted as a street walker, but not to look to appear modest), the pointed toe lends to an elegance. Simple switch out from your 'outdoor shoes' and into these at any occasion and you will be the envy of the room.

Looking at this entire list, I think you could literally build any wardrobe around this. Or even wear everything together, just one shoe at a time. The only thing left to do now is to find that perfect dress to ring in the New Year!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

November LustListt

Did I not do any Halloween related posts because I was busy? No, I'm just simply not a huge celebrator of the occasion and didn't see any purpose in dedicating a post to it simply to conform to the norms of the blogosphere. I am however a large supporter of Christmas festivities so expect a large amount of posts leading up to the holiday.

And how quickly the holiday season has crept up on us! I blame the commercial industry, at the stroke up midnight of October 31st, the Halloween costumes and decorations disappear and are replaced by anything: green, red, white and sparkly. And as the weather gets colder and the daylight hours wane, my wardrobe slowly gravitates towards more and more black.

  1. Silver Mini Ear Cuff - Ryan Storer | $223.00
    I love anything sparkly for the holidays and this ear cuff is no different.  Elegant and simple, the entire Ryan Storer collection is to die for. Unfortunately this particular item is currently out of stock, however over colors and styles are readily available on his site. If only I could get my hands on this specific one for December, I'd literally coordinate all of my outfits and hairstyles around it for the entire month and thereon after!
  2. Skull Bank - Urban Outfitters | $24.00
    I've been on the hunt for the perfect ceramic beige/white skull and wasn't at all successful until @hellosylvia posted this on her Instagram. This little item is on the top of my shopping list once I've completed the long list of purchase presents I need to procure for the next couple of months.
  3. Crystal Clip On Ear Cuffs - Shay Accessories (Shopbop) | $216.58
    Crystal anything is on my mind. I love the simplicity and sophisticatedness these jewels can add to any simple outfit.
  4. Biker Vest - H&M | $59.95
    It's black, leather and edgy. Need I say more? I don't have one definitive style and enjoy being able to test-drive the latest trends and styles from stores that offer disposable fashion. Instead of committing to a shearling vest for roughly $500+, I can bring out the rocker chic in me through this cheaper alternative and not have to worry about breaking the bank - or in this case, I can buy more clothes.
  5. Cesarino Hat - La Notte (Aritzia) | $22.00
    Every girl needs a hat in the winter. Especially here in Ottawa where the blistering winds can bring the temperature down to -40 degrees on a given winter day, a hat is essential to maintaining the health of your hair. That wind burn that you feel on your face from extended periods out in the cold waiting a bus or walking to a friend's house also happens on your hair. Although you may not feel the sensation, the friction of your hair shafts rubbing against each other really dries out your hair and leaves it tangly, frizzy and susceptible to split ends.
  6. Gold Pig Bookends - CB2 | $34.95
    They're gold, they're pigs and I love reading books. What more is there to need to know.
  7. Kimono - H&M | $99.00
    The intricate woven gold details on the shoulders of this kimono exudes femininity yet the black suggests an air of mystery. I enjoy lounging around in sweat pants and sweaters all day but why not kick it up a notch. Sometimes it's fun to "dress up" while you're "dressing down".
  8. Wick Trimmer - Diptyque (Nordstrom) | $41.47
    I recently got back into the habit of burning candles and can't help but notice how frustrated I become when the candle burns low into its container and it becomes harder for me to trim the wick with a regular pair of scissors. These pair of wick trimmers, are elegant and allows me to prep my candles without worrying about spilling wax all over myself in the process of it.
  9. Park Slope Vest - Talula (Aritzia) | $110
    My outfits usually consist of a sweater and a pair of pants to keep me warm day in and out. However I wanted to be able to still wear my lighter pieces of clothing yet remain just as warm. I love the look of a thick furry vest over top of a clean silk blouse, especially if the vest hangs a little over the waist line.
  10. Classic Q Natasha Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop) | $399.10
    I don't have a simple black carry-all bag, case closed.

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