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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Personality Style Challenge

I hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas, and got the chance to spend it with friends and loved ones! Now that this week's festivities are over, we're on to the next, New Year's Eve! I bet you've already begin to ponder over the perfect outfit to ring in the new year. Fear not, I've put together the perfect outfit as per my minimalistic style! Last week I received an invitation to participate in Brilliant Earth's Personality Style Challenge where I had to put together a mood board in congruency with a specific persona. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you can guess that I went with the minimalist, no-nonsense, elegant style! I love putting together the perfect outfit that looks like you literally threw it on in a couple of minutes, but still looks polished and extremely well put together.
1. Naked3 - Urban Decay (Sephora) | $62.00
I recently purchased this as a Christmas gift for one of my friends and now regret not picking up one for myself as well. It's currently sold out on both the Sephora and Urban Decay website, but I've seen quite a few palettes floating around Sephora in-store. This season's palette is riddled with rose gold hues which suits perfectly for the simple and feminine vibe I've chosen for my New Year's Eve party look.

2. Leather High Heel Sandal - Zara | $79.90 $69.99
With the dress' beautiful paisley print, you don't want to detract attention to its intricate detail. This heel is perfect to complete the outfit by complementing the color palette while not distracting from the simplicity of the dress itself. If you are more comfortable with a black shoe, there is that option at your disposal as well. I however felt that the nude color would better suit the dress and jewelry.

3. 18k White Gold Fairmined Bar Pendant - Brilliant Earth | $615.00
This simple limited edition piece is perfect for spicing up any outfit be it a New Year's Eve party or a casual night of lounging around. All jewelry from Brilliant Earth is ethically sourced and this necklace is no different. The white gold is fairmined to promote fair wages and improving the work conditions of miners. I'm a big supporter of fair trade, so coupled with the simplicity of this piece, I'm sold.

4. Veuve Clicquot Rose - Veuve Clicquot | $80.70
You're going to have to toast the New Year with something so might as well toast in style. I've always preferred a rose over a simple champagne and I love the taste of Veuve Clicquot.

5. Allure - Essie | $8.50
I've worn this nail polish on countless occasions and have recieved compliments everytime on how healthy and thick my nails look. This jelly polish can be deceiving as it masks any staining or ridges in the nail bed. Did you know that Kate Middleton also wore this share on her wedding day?

6. Paisley Lace Dress - Nicholas (ShopBop) | $657.19
I think that winter is the best time to rock white as it exudes a freshness that matches the snow. Everyone typically saves their sequined dresses for this season's festivities and then dons their whites for the summer. But my question is why melt into the masses? Set a trend and wear the white now instead of 6 months down the road. I really like the simplicity and modern lines on the skirt of the dress, it makes it perfect for you to dress it up with pieces of jewelry.

7. Rose Gold Mini MAC Bag - Rebecca Minkoff (ShopBop) | $215.37
Instead of sequins and sparkles, I like to don something metallic to remain festive with my outfit. This metallic rose gold crossbody is just the right size to store some makeup for touching up, your phone, wallet essentials and some advil to combat any pre-emptive hangovers for the next morning.

8. Creme de Rose Soothing Plumping Lip Balm - Dior (Sephora) | $29.00
This rose scented lip balm is extremely hydrating and one application will last you through the night as you party and socialize the year away. I wouldn't add a lip color to this look as I wanted everything to remain neutral, but a color can easily be layered on top since the lip balm will create the perfect base.

9. Peaches Blush - MAC | $21.00
This is a great shade of blush since it gives a little more color to your cheeks without turning them into a Barbie Pink or overly tanned shade. It also works well with the outfit as the natural tone really lets the bright white shine.

10. Bromley Wool Coat - Babaton (Aritzia) | $350 $325
You'll never have to sacrifice style for comfort with this Italian melton wool and cashmere blend coat. The length of the coat will keep your legs warm while the belt cinches in your waist to show off your beautiful figure. I've always been a huge fan of the military style double breasted buttons and this jacket has just the perfect amount of hardware without looking like a woolen trench coat.

11. Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils - Yves Saint Laurent (Sephora) | $36.00
If you want naturally thick and voluminous lashes without the spider-legs look, this mascara is great for achieving that. It also holds a curl really well, which is great as you don't want your lashes to start drooping throughout the night.

12. 18K White Gold Luna Ring - Brilliant Earth | $905.00
As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl's best friend. I can attest to this, as I've gotten older, I've grown fonder and fonder of diamonds. Although Brillian Earth is known for producing beautiful ethically sourced engagement rings, they can realistically be worn on any finger of your pleasing. I love how delicate this diamond is cut and the simple band that its mounted onto.

13. 14K Rose Gold Moon Stud Earrings - Brilliant Earth | $210.00
I am absolutely in love with anything celestial, and this pair of earrings is no different to me. Rose gold compliments almost every skin tone and matches any outfit as it's such a neutral color. I was once told by my mother that the best outfit is one that doesn't go beyond 3 main colors. And that it's best to tie in what's worn on the top of your body with what's worn the bottom. These earrings perfectly match the strappy heels and is perfectly for pulling together the entire outfit from head-to-toe.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gift Guide for Him: Under $100

I've you've been following theLustListt for long enough, you've probably been asking why there hasn't been a LustListt for this month. The easy answer is because I've been posting Gift Guides for the entire month, where many included a lot of items that I've been lusting after. The more complicated answer being that I didn't want to post boards after boards of posts as it starts to become a little impersonal, which is my biggest fear. I wanted to publish more posts with outfits of the days however that didn't happen. But now that the Christmas rush is finally coming to a close, I'll have much more time to shoot and post photos very soon. I've also been busy baking up a storm these past couple of days for Christmas parties and bringing goodies to work so you'll have a quick glimpse as to what's been happening in my kitchen! I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas as I'll be off at a family dinner tonight, and I hope that everyone has a fantastic time whether it be with family or friends!
1. Brushed Twill Shirt in Heathered Plaid - J. Crew | $76.00
If you've never felt brushed cotton then you need to get your hands on this shirt. It's the softest thing that you'll feel on your skin this season with all of the wool blended into your sweaters, scarves and jackets. Plaid is also fantastic for this time of the year as it lends a more festive feel, but you don't have to feel like a complete lumber jack with a thicker print as opposed to a smaller one.

2. Double Edged 3 Piece Shave Kit - East Dane | $91.00
Most of us get caught up with modernized technology and what's the newest and bestest product out there, but sometimes it's nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy some old traditions. This shave kit includes a stand so that your tools don't clutter up your counter but still allows you to display the beautiful razor and badger-hair brush.

3. Powerstation Mini - Mophie | $59.95
If your guy is constantly on the go and loves to keep in touch with loved ones, work, and social media, it's bound to happen where his phone runs out of batteries mid-day. You can prevent that from happening with this Mophie Juice pack that has enough charge to recharge smart phones and any USB devices. I've heard nothing but good reviews for this product and I really like how small it is as well.

4. Office Gift Set - Ellepi for Top Hat (East Dane) | $98.53
I enjoy how organic these office accessories look and they're great for completing and desk top look. I seem to be taking it back a little retro with this particular Gift Guide between this office set and the shave kit.

5. Flannel iPhone 5 Case - Jack Spade (East Dane) | $44.25
I love how wintery and cozy this case feels with the flannel pattern on the back. Hard plastic cases have always proven to be the most durable for me as they don't fall off as easily as soft cases and they don't attract as much dust as a soft case does.

Thank you so much for making it to the end of Christmas 2014 Gift Guide! I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas again and I'll be back within the next two days with some exciting posts!

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Gift Guide for Her: Under $100

It's Christmas Eve! Have you finally finished your shopping, or are you still out on the hunt? We've reached our final installment of this year's Gift Guide, and rounding it out with gifts for under $100. I had originally planned to have Gift Guides which included ideas from denominations of $25 under $100 (ie. $75-100, $50-75, $25-50. under $25), but with my exam schedule and work getting in the way, I just couldn't. I've tried to include gifts from each category to balance out this last list, so hopefully you're able to find a gift that is within your budget!

1. Iconic Cape - Community (Aritzia) | $75.00
I love to transition a lot of my summer/fall dresses for the winter by throwing on a quick sweater to keep myself warm. I personally prefer a looser fit sweater as it is "sweater weather" after all, but I don't want the sweater to swallow up the dress completely. A looser sweater lets your dress still show through but keep you warm. If you find that the sleeves are too short, Brandy Melville also offers a great alternative.

2. Black Dahlia Matte Lip Tar - OCC (Sephora) | $22.00
Winter is a great time to try out a dark lip and what better way to do it than with a lip stain. I've seen some great reviews online for this particular shade that allows your to layer it up in order to achieve a deeper look. A single application leaves your lips a plum shade, and a second application leaves them a dark vampy burgundy. You won't have to worry about losing any lip color through the process of eating a merry drinking throughout the night!

3. Love and Lacquer Reds Set - YSL (Sephora) | $60.00
This set is perfect for winter with the red lip gloss stain, nail lacquer and beautiful mascara. As the website says, these are some of the most coveted items in the YSL cosmetics range and what better way to allow your lucky lady to try them out by giving her a set for Christmas! It's all perfectly packaged in a gold box so that you can easily wrap it up and she can re-use it for storage.

4. Nike Free 5.0+ - Nike (Lady Foot Locker) | $79.99
I am a huge fan of Nike Frees not just for runnning but for working out in general. I've also heard from many other people that it's a great shoe for walking around especially when you are traveling and busy sight-seeing. You can't go wrong with a neon color and the Nike site itself lets you customize your own shoe in order to meet your desires. I prefer these over any other runners as I have a really high arch and I find that these always seem to fill them in so I'm not left with a hollow space between my foot and the shoe. There are a ton of different color varieties that get released every season so don't worry about being stuck with a neon pastel pink if she's not a big fan of the color.

5. Coquette Scarf - Wilfred (Aritzia) | $85.00
I personally own this scarf and can attest to its warmth. It's made of 100% wool which is fantastic as it really blocks out the wind when it's cold out. It's also huge, which allowed me to use as a blanket when I was busy hibernating in my university library whilst trying to study for exams. It's also really long, so you can wrap it around your neck multiple times. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I always detested scarves that were too short to properly wrap around my neck since then they'd leave this triangle at the top of my chest that was exposed to the wind. Ever since I've purchased this scarf, I have completely solved this problem and kept myself warm in this cold season.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Gift Guide for Him: $100-200

I know, I know, I already went back on my promise of posting once a day but I do have an excuse! As it gets closer to Christmas, the party invitations pile up and quite a few of them require me to bring food along with myself so I've been spending the last couple of days baking up a storm of cupcakes. As one batch finishes, the next one begins! I've also learnt how to make an awesome meringue and will definitely do a post on the cupcakes that I made for this weekend. I hope that everyone has had an amazing week and is looking forward to a relaxing winter weekend. To all those other Ottawans out there, stay safe in the winter storm this weekend and make sure to dress warmly!
1.Nuptse 2 Vest - The North Face | $170.00
Don't be fooled by how fluffy this vest looks. It's filled with down to keep you warm so it's literally a feather weight. If he can't seem to give up his peacoat for something down, a down vest is the way to go in order to stay warm but fashionable. The feathers allow the vest to be easily compressed so that it doesn't remain thick underneath the jacket. I know a lot of guys who also wear a vest as an extra layer underneath their winter coats when skiing or snowboarding for that extra layer of warmth as well.

2. Alexander Wang urbeats - Beats By Dre | $149.95
I'm already a huge fan of both Beats By Dre headphones and ear phones and Alexander Wang, so when this designer collaboration was introduced I was hooked! The black and gold color scheme of this pair of earphones is so sleek while delivering solid bass lines with every track. If your man is a style feen, definitely pick him up a pair of these headphones for Christmas!

3. Edged Money Clip - Jack Spade | $105.17
I know quite a few guys that wouldn't carry a wallet if they didn't have to. But everyone needs at least one form of ID along with their debit card, credit card and some pieces of cash right? A money clip is a great problem solver for this. Last year I picked up my S/O a great Fossil wallet that had a money clip attached to the side of it and he absolutely loved it! If your man wants to forfeit the extra weight of a wallet, this is a great alternative.

4. Black Aviator Twill Men's Utility Boot - TOMS | $130.00
I liked how rugged these boots looked with the distressed leather and twill textures mixed together. I also think that along with gifting your man a fantastic pair of boots, it's great to be able to give back at the same time.If you aren't familiar with TOMS, each pair of shoes that they sell, they donate a pair to a child in need. So why not do some giving this Christmas season and help out a child that doesn't have the proper funding for footwear!

5. Slim Thomas Mason Archive 1924 Tartan - J. Crew | $168.00
Plaid shirts are a stable in a guy's closet as they can easily be dressed up or down depending on what the occasion calls for. You can easily find any red-based plaid shirt in stores nowadays so I enjoyed how J. Crew was able to incorporate green into the pattern without it being over the top Christmas-themed.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gift Guide for Her: $100-200

If you're a student like me, you're probably cheering now that I'm touching base on gifts within a more affordable range. My Christmas gift list usually include a lot of people as I have a large family so gifts can't be too expensive or else I'll end up breaking the bank. This year I decided to start hunting for gifts a lot earlier to see if I could score deals for them around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I didn't exactly luck out for those two days in particular, but many stores have been offering great discount codes online recently. I think I'm about 80% finished with the gifts so I just have a couple more to grab over the next few days. I can't quite hint at exactly what I've purchased in case those people read my blog, but I'll definitely include a couple with my Gift Guides!
1. The Bombshell 1.5 Inch Rod Curling Iron - Bombshell (Sephora) | $150.00
This curling iron is perfect for re-creating those infamous Victoria Secret curls that your special lady sees down the runway each year at the fashion show. This Sultra curling iron is a little bit wider than your typical one in order to give the looser and bouncier curls that you seek. It also doesn't have a clip so it may be a little more difficult to curl your hair without burning your fingertips. There is a heat protectant glove that comes with the set though, so with a little bit of practice and lots of wary, you'll have perfectly tousled hair without the charred smell!

2. Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System - Sephora | $139.00
I've sworn by the Clarisonic Mia ever since I've bought it and I've known tons of girls who have too. You really have to give the system time to work its magic before deciding if it's effective or not. There's about a two week learning curve for your skin where the system literally purges it of impurities and although it may appear that you are having an aversive reaction to it by breaking out everywhere, that's just the effectiveness of the cleansing that brings up all of the impurities in your skin. The kit that I've linked comes with a little cleanser as well that works great with the system, but you can use any other facial cleanser as long as it doesn't have any exfoliants in it.

3. Amanda Skinny Jeans - DL1961 (ShopBop) | $197.89
Imagine this outfit with a lighter wash jean, it looks much more casual doesn't it? I personally love a dark wash as it cleans up any casual outfit, even if there are a few rips here and there that make the pair of jeans look lived in.

4. Layla Headphones - Rose Gold & White - Frends (Chapters) | $150.00
I really like the clean edges in the design of this pair of headphones and the fact that the sides that cover your ear isn't too large and distracting. The white contrasted against the rose gold is also an extremely chic way to listen to your favourite music and still look fashionable. Although the ear pads aren't large, they're constructed out of memory foam, allowing for your headphones to shape perfectly to your ears!

5. Lynda Metallic Loafers - Jeffrey Campbell | $150.08
Usually when you hear loafers, the first thing that comes to mind is your grandmother's penny loafers. Not in this case. I love how this style cut very similarly to a smoking flat so the cut is more modernized and doesn't feel as dated. The metallic also makes the shoes appear slightly futuristic, definitely cutting down any "old" vibes. If you're a flats lover like me but want to be able to dress up for New Years, these flats are perfect way to add some festive sparkle into your outfit without sacrificing your comfort.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gift Guide for Him: $200-300

We are exactly one week away from Christmas! Have you finished shopping for everyone on your list yet? I know I haven't, but I'm almost there. I finally finished my last take home exam today so can we all take a collective sigh of relief and rejoice with a Hallelujah? Did I also mention that that paper was the last exam I'll ever write in my undergraduate career? Hopefully within a few months time, I'll receive that official paper that says I have a Bachelor of Science degree. Now that I have my time freed up from studying, be prepared for a post a day until Christmas in my hopes of catching up on the lack of Gift Guides. I hope you guys enjoy it!
1. Soundlink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II - Nylon Edition - Bose (Nordstrom) | $299.00
Having a Bluetooth speaker is great because you'll always be able to play music wherever you go, at the ski chalet, at a Christmas party or even as you are moving around the house in preparation to go somewhere! I really liked how you can fold down the cover and convert it into a stand so that you don't have to worry about storing it elsewhere when the speaker is being used. The technology is also great because the speaker automatically turns off when you place the cover back onto it.

2. The Chronicle Watch - Nixon (Nordstrom) | $300.00
My S/O has been looking for a sleek black watch lately and I think that I've stumbled upon one that will cover everything on his check list. This watch has a minimalist look with the dashed hours and dark face that batches the band. I like how the dial is slightly larger and the date is on the face of the watch as well so the watch doesn't come off looking too business, but more casual.

3. Check Print Bifold Wallet - Burberry (Nordstrom) | $275.00
Okay, I think I've included something Burberry in almost every Gift Guide for Him so far, but how can I not? Everything is so chic but not over the top. Once again I love how the signature pattern is discreet against the dark hue of the front and back of the wallet.

4. Hannen Boot - Ugg | $260.00
Everyone either likes or hates Uggs, but in Canada they can literally be a lifesaver when you're walking for extended period of times in the cold. Don't worry men, Ugg hasn't forgetten about you either! You can rock out the stylish combat boot trend while still keeping your feet warm with their shearling lining in this pair of gorgeous boots!

5. Avery Shawl Collar Cardigan - Rag & Bone (Nordstrom) | $290.00
I love when men wear cardigans with shawl collars as it really cleans up the entire look. This cardigan also gives off a very cozy and warm winter bliss vibe to me.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Gift Guide for Her: $200-300

It's no longer a surprise to me when I can compile these Gift Guides for Her within 30 minutes, while the Gift Guides for Him take me a couple of days. The fact that the majority of these items have been sitting in my Hukkster account makes it that much easier for me to browse through to find things that I want to include in my Gift Guides.  We've come quite a way from gifts that costs $500+, but there is still a ways left to go. My goal is to make it down to gifts below $25 before Christmas comes around so I've got my gears spinning for the challenge! There's only 17 days left till the big day and I'm getting more and more excited as the time passes. The point where I'm no longer motivated to study, but if I want that paper that says I've graduated, on the well oiled grey matter must go.

1. Thea Mini Fold-Over Cross-Body - Tory Burch | $225.00
One can never have enough cross-body bags. Not only are they efficient since your hands can be free to do and hold other things, but there are so many different designs available. I liked how this one can be folded over so that when you need more room it can be opened up larger. I'm not usually one for pink either, but this shade isn't too bright or offensive and is extremely feminine without screaming Barbie.

2. Ombre Dustls Coat - FCUK | $298.00
Ombre doesn't have to be just on the head. I really liked how the arms of this coat fade from black to red in a really subtle gradient that doesn't scream ombre. Because the shade of red isn't offendingly bright, the jewel tones are perfect for this moodier time of the year. It also will match perfectly with your Christmas decor, if you want to that is. The cocoon silhouette is also extremely popular this year so this coat would be perfect for your ever stylish lady!

3. Sweetie Bracelet - Links of London | $275.00
I'm not a proponent for charm or link bracelets, but I really like the look of this bracelet worn on its own. If you're usually in a pinch as to what to get your lady on other special occasions, you can set yourself up nicely by adding to her collection of charms each time around. Unlike other charm bracelets, the ones by Links of London may cost you quite a penny, so if any girl is able to rock out a wrist full of them, she is quite the lucky one.

4. Hudson Mini Moto Bag - Rebecca Minkoff (ShopBop) | $265.00 $205.48
I didn't realize that I had included two bags in this Gift Guide until I got to the part of writing up each description. It's perfect how opposite these two bags are from each other.  While one is sweet and simple, the other is edgy and boxy. I also really liked how the sealing along the edges of this bag are a completely different color than the bag itself. You don't usually see this in most bag designs but it gives it a really pretty and unexpected pop of color.

5. Slim Signature Blouse - Equipment (ShopBop) | $278.00
Equipment never fails to provide fantastic silk blouses and this little number is exactly what is needed for the winter season. The gold polka-dots brightens up a typical black blouse so you don't have to wear as much jewelry for your outfit to appear complete. I actually loved the entire outfit that the model is wearing, including the red heels. Because the blouse itself is already the statement piece, a simple pair of strappy heels really helps to pull the look together without detracting attention from the top.

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gift Guide for Him: $300-400

I've got one exam down and two more to go for this semester, so this blog is definitely my release from the constant studying. I've finally picked out and purchased my S/O's gift this past week, and let me tell you, boy was it hard! Neither of us are in the place and time of our lives to lavishly spend on each other, so each time a gift-giving season comes around, we try to set a limit and stay within it. We already spend so much on each other throughout the year in terms of taking each other out to eat and travelling, that the gifts are just a little extra. Not too be corny, but I've always felt that the time we spend together is already a gift in itself, although it never hurts to get a present! I can't quite reveal what I've purchased for him yet, as the sometimes reads my blog, but it will definitely make its way into a post once he's received it!

1. Holdall No. 101 - Ghurka | $350.00
Most guys that I know travel with their toiletries in a Ziploc bag because "makeup" bags are too feminine for them. But let's not lie, men carry quite a bit with them too and sometimes a Ziploc just isn't going to cut it for the amount that they want to bring. What's fantastic about this travel bag is that it can be unsnapped on the sites and opened up to a wider opening to allow for easier access to all of his items. I also love the leather construction of this bag as it makes it so durable. We don't usually take as good care of our toilettries as we should since we just toss them around when we travel, so the leather really helps the bag keep its shape.

2. Luxe Chukka Plain Toe on Leather Sole - John Varvatos Star USA (East Dane) | $363.33
Dress shoes are beautiful but they just aren't efficient in a Canadian winter, unless you like the feeling of snow on your ankles and wet socks. It's great that there are options where you don't have to sacrifice style to maintain the warmth and the design of this shoe is basically a high-top dress shoe. The best part is that no one even has to know that you're wearing boots since your pants should cover the tops of these.

3. Beats Studio 2.0 Over-Ear-Headphones - Beats by Dre (Chapters) | $330.00
I'm a huge sucker for sound quality and any pair of headphones that I use need to have excellent bass performance. These headphones are also wireless, which is fantastic for colder weather as I've found that the cords tend to get really stiff and can crack if they're covered in anything other than a fabric material. What's also great is that you can fold down these headphones when you're travelling so that they don't create too much bulk in your bag.

4. Checked Leather Belt - Burberry (Saks Fifth Avenue) | $329.56
I believe that a belt is to an outfit the way that the eyebrows are to the face, it finishes the look. Personally I hate loud belts that become the statement of the outfit as they tend to make the wearer look a little tacky. But hey, if that's your cup of tea, don't let me stop you. I like the fact that there isn't an actual logo on the plaque, and that the pattern is more discreet as it's embossed and not printed in a different color. I know black is a safe color, but it will match with every outfit without turning it into the centre of attention.

5. PlayStation 4 - Future Shop | $399.99
If the Xbox One wasn't his thing, then the PS4 definitely should be. I really like how it doubles as DVD player as well and isn't just used to play video games on (that means you can use it too for your girl's nights!)

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Gift Guide for Her: $300-400

I wanted to put a little bit of focus on this Gift Guide for Her towards other things besides fashion, mind you I did include a beautiful pair of tortoise shell sunglasses, but everything else is different from the usual assortment you'd find in my Gift Guides.

I apologize for the sloth pace of posts the last month. I had planned on posting 2 more gift guides last week but was suddenly struck with a stomach flu and was bed ridden for a few days. Walking into working with a "puke bucket" doesn't set the best precedent. Anyways now that that has subsidded, I have begun studying for the dreaded final exams. Fear not, I have utilized my break time in between study sessions to compile and prepare my lists in hopes of keeping pace with my blog! Hopefully everyone snagged up the majority of their gifts this passing Black Friday or the upcoming Cyber Monday!
1. Stainless Steel Aroma Espresso Machine - Saeco (Les Cafetiers) | $400.00 $345.00
If the special lady in your life enjoys a well brewed espresso each morning as part of her routine, investing in a top of the line machine will save you dollars in the long-run. Also sold on the Starbucks website, score it for much cheaper and on sale at Les Cafetiers!

2. Daddy B Sunglasses - Oliver Peoples Eyewear (ShopBop) | $325.64
Perfect for that subtle cat-eye look, this pair of sunglasses is a nod to Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's look. If you've got an even lovelier gift of a get-a-way planned, sunglasses are always a great hint-dropper!

3. Rand Brass Box - Tory Burch | $350.00
Every girl needs a jewelry box to keep her fine jewelry and watches safe. This beauty is perfect with its sharp and clean lines. I love how there are no patterns or designs on the outer surface of the box, so it will easily fit in with your decor as long as your color scheme can hold gold.

4. Artisan Stand Mixer - KitchenAid (Hudson's Bay) | $449.99 $349.99
This beauty can make any baking a breeze. My mother was gifted this model a couple years back and I never fail to use it whenever I am whipping up a confectionery delight. You can also purchase attachments in the future as gifts, an adult women's charm bracelet!

5. Lunares Stag Bust - Shopbop | $342.20
I live vicariously through my Gift Guide obviously, gold included. My room decor revolves around white and silver, so should I be able to track down a version of this bust in silver, it would definitely have its own property on my desk top. It would also look beautiful atop of a mantle, next to some Diptyque candles and a raging fire.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gift Guide for Him: $400-500

And here we go! The next installment of the Gift Guide for him, surprisingly this time I found that it was much easier to find items to include on this list now that I had kind of an idea of what to look for. It also helps that there are so many sales and new releases out at this time of the year as well.

1. Xbox One - Futureshop | $499.99
The new Xbox, that should speak for itself. If the man you're shopping for is a huge gamer, this should hit it right in the ballpark.

2. Embossed Leather Gloves - Burberry (Sak's Fifth Avenue) | $471.63
We've all got a pair of ski gloves or a pair of heavy duty gloves used to drive/shovel/plow the snow. Now it's time to step up his game with a pair of luxurious leather gloves. Perfect for work, an event or completing an outfit, these gloves will keep out the cold and maintain a simple and sleek look.

3. Giant Check Cashmere Scarf - Burberry (Nordstrom's) | $428.34
I'm not going to lie, I chose the red for the festive season. Cashmere however will be the softest thing he will ever feel on his neck, besides your lips that is. This checked scarf will keep him warm and cozy on the coldest of winter days while retaining that cheery attitude from the holidays past.

4. iPad Mini w/ Retina Display - Apple | $419.00
This gift is perfect for anyone as it allows the user to check their e-mail, play games, and message others among a slew of possibilities. The enhanced retina display also lets the user view images in their full color intensity. Because it's so much smaller than the classic iPad, the mini makes it really easy to stow and carry when traveling or just doing chores around the house.

5. Game Box w/ Cards & Dice - Ercolano (Neiman Marcus) | $499.37
A classic way to pass the time is through card games. Whether he's a gambler or not, anyone can appreciate a card and dice set in a luxurious case. Save it for yourselves, or entertain your guest. The choice is yours.

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