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the lust listt: February 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

HAUL: Rock & Republic Cosmetics

Ever since I saw reviews of Rock & Republic Cosmetics on Youtube, I knew that I had to get my hands on the line. I saw it quite a few times on Hautelook but each time I was broke and didn't have much money to spare. After this realisation, I decided that I should start saving up for the next sale. Unfortunately this one came a little bit sooner than I had expected so I didn't get a chance to purchase everything that I wanted all at once. Fret not, I will absolutely be able to purchase all that I have in mind the next time that a sale on Hautelook pops up!

I originally printscreened what I definitely wanted the next time there was a sale and here's what I had in mind.

What I noticed that was different from the sale this time and last was a drastic change in pricing. As you can see, the eyeshadows were priced at $11.20 USD each, however this timethe sale had them listed for $8.40 USD each, a full 70% off! The sale is still going on till this Friday 11:00 EST, so definitely place an order if you have the spare change! So here's what I actually ended up ordering:

If you guys are interested in swatches do let me know! I'm planning to review at least one shadow so that I can test out how well it performs and the whole works. There are about 48 shadows in total and if I like it as much as everyone else raves about them all over the internet, I'm considering purchasing the other 42. Because for $8.40 a shadow that's twice the size of MAC ($14 even in pan form), that's almost a god sent present! If you guys are intereted in Hautelook (but I'm sure everyone and their grandmother has heard about it already), you can join it with my referral link. However, you don't have to use my link. Using link will just give me a $10 USD credit for your first purchase, I'm not going to use this money for myself but hopefully to purchase some goodies and have a giveaway for everyone! :) So come back in  few weeks time to check out my review. I think it says that I should expect my products anywhere from the 16th to the 22nd of March!

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Happy Shopping!

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