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the lust listt: March 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Purple Patchwork Manicure

I've been reading Chloe's Nails quite a bit lately and I ca absolutely say that I love her blog! I was extremely happy to find someone else with the same passion for scotch tape as me and also found some very simple but gorgeous manicures done by her as well. Here are my nails for the work, inspired by her work, a purple patch work manicure. Simple, quick and easy to do. I haven't had much time as of late because of all the midterms, labs, assignments and lab exams that I've had to prepare so I opted for something that wouldn't be as time consuming but would still render a nice manicure! So here it goes! For the design, I used OPI's - Do You Lilac It? as the base coat, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Problem Child, OPI - Mad as a Hatter and Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post where purchased by myself for the use and review purposes. My opinions are honest and are not influenced in any way at all. I was not sponsored for this post.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[SWATCH] Rock & Republic: Saturate Eye Color - Tempting

I feel like I have failed in the bloggosphere aspect for posting blogs on a more constant basis. I promised swatches from my Rock & Republic Saturate Eye Color eyeshadows that I hauled from Hautelook a few weeks back. So of course, more apologies from me once again and today I shall present you with my very first swatch, Tempting!

First off, let me start off with the package. Slightly excessive but beautiful at the most! Each eyeshadow came separately packaged in back lacquered cylinders. The lids are sealed with black circular stickers each embossed in silver with the eyeshadow shade. The bottom of the container says that each eyeshadow hs 0.11oz/3g of product. Quite the amount I should say! I purchased these for $8.40 USD each on Hautelook and it's safe to say that for half the price of  a MAC eyeshadow and twice the amount of product I definitely cannot complain.

When the eyeshadows are removed from their packaging, below is the Rock & Republic logo embossed in a criss-cross pattern on the bottom part of the package.

The first thing that you see when you open up the packaging is the lid of the eyeshadow container. It has a very large Rock and Republic logo in 3D on the lid in very shiny silver and the background of the logo is also a glazed black plastic. The underside of the eyeshadow container has basically the same information as the bottom part of the outer packaging. The container itself is fairly weighty and makes it feel luxurious and has a quality feel to it as well.

Tempting itself is a very gorgeous purpley, grey, taupey shade that has multifaceted shimmer to it. As you've probably all heard before, the powder of the eyeshadow is very finely jet milled and upon swatching it, it felt like I was touching powdery silk. The eyeshadow glided on very smoothly in one application and it is very pigment as well.

Tempting - Flash

Tempting - No flash

I made swatches of the eyeshadow in comparison to how well it applies, dry, with a primer and wet. It works perfectly fine by itself dry but with a primer and wet, the color is much more pigmented. I definitely recommend this shade if you're interested in trying out the Rock & Republic Cosmetics line but unsure as to what shade to try first. This shade is very safe but very flattering and simple at the same time. It can easily be worn from day to night and with a little bit of eyeshadow it can create a very dramatic look.

Swatches w/ Flash {Dry, Primer, Wet}

Swatches w/ Flash {Dry, Primer, Wet}

I hope you guys enjoyed this half efforted written post that I whipped up in a few minutes and that it was semi-decent. I'll try my best to post up another swatch tomorrow night to compensate for the lack of swatches and posts this week. Have a good night! :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post where purchased by myself for the use and review purposes. My opinions are honest and are not influenced in any way at all. I was not sponsored for this post.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sneak Peak

My sincerest apologies for not posting up any reviews of the Rock & Republic Saturate Eye Colors the past few days. I blame it solely on the midterms that are swamping me for the next few days. In return, I'll show you guys a sneak peak of the the colors that I ordered look like so you can know what to expect! All of the colors are absolutely gorgeous and I can't be any happier of the quality of them :) Enjoy!

Rock & Republic Saturate Eye Colors {Twisted, Tempting, Alloy, Exile, Affair, Provocative $8.40 USD/each} - Normal lighting

Rock & Republic Saturate Eye Colors {Twisted, Tempting, Alloy, Exile, Affair, Provocative $8.40 USD/each} - Flash

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Obsession with Michael Kors

I woke up this morning and hour after my lab started so I was in a pretty foul mood. Went straight to school and met up with some people during our break and they decided to go to the mall to eat lunch and walk around a bit before our next class. Before we headed back to class I decided to stop by Michael Kors to check out some wallets. I'm not trying to spend more money on purpose, my current is actually slowly falling apart and I've been using the same one for the past 4 years so I think I legitly deserve a new one no? So I went in and saw this one first:

{MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Wallet in Navy $150}

 I currently own a zip wallet which I love to death as it provides me with multiple compartments to separate all of my receipts, credit cards and other miscellanious items that I must seem to store in there. The zip also makes sure that nothing falls out (I hate when  lose things from my wallets!). I don't even know why I went with navy, usually I go for neutral colors such as beige, tan, brown, white and black. I guess it was probably the fact that I don't own anything in navy that caused me to gravitate towards this one. Honestly though, it's a gorgeous color! The only let down is the fact that the leather is extremely hard and feels almost to the point plasticy. I found one that was softer but the design was completely different and without an overall zip so not even one to contemplate!

{MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Large Tote in Navy $238}

I didn't quite catch the price on this one because I didn't have time to look at it much before I had to leave. This tote actually caught my eye on the way out and I had to elucidate the price from the store catalogue that I took with me with I left to peruse. Once again, gravitating towards navy instead of something neutral. I really don't know what about this color that attracts me so much to it! It just looks so fresh and clean! I already have so many totes though that this definitely won't be at the top of my wishlist anytime soon.

{MICHAEL Michael Kors Charlton Demi Tote in Navy $150}

This adorable clutch also caught my attention when I was looking through different colors in the Jet Set Continental wallet. Once again I was pulled towards the navy color but I couldn't manage to find that shade online so this black one will have to do for now. I usually carry a lot around with me wherever I go so this clutch definitely won't suffice. And I just can't seem to justify spending more than $80 on a clutch when I already have a Coach ones already in my possession. So not on my wishlist either!

{Very Hollywood Rollerball & Lipgloss Duo $25}

My friend was peeking around the accessories at the check out counter while I mulled over wallets and happened upon these adorable little things! As the name states, one end is a lipgloss while the other end is a roller ball of the Very Hollywood Eau de Parfum. I absolutely love anything coral tinted (I have a huge obsession with coral and turquoise) so the lipgloss shade was perfect! Not to mention that the perfume was already on my length list of perfumes that I adore, this duo is perfect to carry with me in my bag! Not a necessity, but probably something I might consider purchasing in the future if I have some extra money.
{Very Hollywood Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz $85}

This perfume is already apart of my wishlist as I previously said above but just wanted to show you this anyways since it IS my Michael Kors obsession haha.

{MICHAEL Michael Kors Croco Headband in Black $60 $29.99}

This! I've been on a headband rage lately because of my acne flareups. If my face is gong to be fugly, I might as well get something pretty to hold up my hair why not? I search everywhere on the internet but couldn't find an image of this headband in black so just imagine the picture above but instead of it being beige, the entire headband is black! I was hesitant about the headband at first because it IS Michael Kors after all and everything is expensive right? Wrong! It was on sale for $29.99! When the sales associate told me this, the gears in my head started to turn and almost stopped working because they were turning so fast from excitement. I'm definitely going to be picking this up when I get my next pay cheque and hopefully it's still going to be on sale and in stock!

Am I obsessed with Michael Kors, yes yes very much. Can I afford all of my obsessions, no not so much. Sadly all that I know for sure that will be within my posession by the end of this month is the headband. The rest is tentative until I have enough money which probably isn't going to be anytime soon haha. I hope you guys enjoyed my obsession post and that I didn't overdue it! Next up will be my review of one of the Rock & Republic Saturate Eyeshadows, which one you ask? Wait and see! ;)

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Beautiful Dreams

{Credits given to the respective owners of images}


Thursday, March 17, 2011

[TEASE] Hautelook - Rock & Republic Cosmetics Haul

Hoorah! The mail gods have answered my pleas! I arrived home this evening to a lovely package sitting on the kitchen table!

I had to refrain myself from opening the box and tearing the packaging apart so that I could take pcturesfor you all to see. Haha I admire my restraint after waiting for the package to arrive for so long! I also documented the unboxing process so that you guys could see the care taken into making sure that my order arrived safely without any damages. They bubble wrapped the package to ensure that it wouldn't bump on the sides while being tossed around in the back of mail vans/airplane/truck however it was brought to me and then the package itself was spread out to evenly distribute the weight inside and wrapped in tissue paper. My receipt was placed on top of the products but it was slightly crumpled. Not my main concern though as long as everything else comes out undamaged!

Nestled inside under all of the wrapping I found my lovely 7 containers! I'm definitely a sucker to packaging and this one pulled me in deeply. I love the shiny black finishes on the boxes and the logo embossed in silver on the lids. All containers are sealed shut with circular stickers identifying the shade of the product, two in total, one on either opposite sides of the lid. The Exhibition Pressed Powder is significantly larger than the Saturate Eye Colors but that's to be expected. I definitely didn't expect the sizes of either products to be this large! It's safe to say that I definitely adore the products at first glance which isn't going to be healthy since Hautelook is having another Rock & Republic sale this Monday the 21 so be prepared! I smell another large haul in the near future! Within the next few days, I'll have swatches posted of all of the products so you guys will get a chance to see if they really do hold up to their reputations.

I hope that I was able to excite you guy for the time being until I upload reviews ;)

P.S. As had previously mentioned, Hautelook is having a sale for Rock & Republic Cosmetics this Monday, March 21. I suggest you guys check out the selection of blushes available from the company and their respective swatches so that you guys know before hand which ones interest you. That way when the sale starts you can snatch those ones up right away seeing as blushes are their most popular product and sell out almost instantly! As always, here's my invitation link, you don't have to use it but I'd much appreciate it if you guys did!

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post where purchased by myself for the use and review purposes. My opinions are honest and are not influenced in any way at all. I was not sponsored for this post.

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Crazy Week!

It's supposed to be March Break for public/catholic school boards here so most of the activities and lessons for after school stuff have been cancelled, including swimming lessons at my pool! I had originally thought that this meant I would get some time off from work and not have too much of a stressful schedule. Instead, I bounced up from 12/hrs a week to 32 hours this week! Almost 3 times the amount of time that I usually work! But it's all okay because it's all going to feed into my unhealthy shopping addiction haha. I woke up this morning at 7:00 AM to rush to work and work from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM, then rush to school. Loooong day if I may say so myself haha. I'm currently enjoying myself a steak dinner that my mom cooked for me and just flipping through some photos that I've taken recently. I'm most likely going to do a review on the MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks in Bare Again sometime this week, so expect that to pop up soon!

And on another note before I end this post with a slew of pictures, my R&R Cosmestics order from Hautelook should be at my house by...since yesterday. I checked the tracking number that they provided for me and it clearly says "Expected Delivery: 03/15/2011". Uhhhh today is what, the 16th? Where is my mail! I'm not one to complain about snailmail because I know how long it can take sometimes but come on seriously? Don't tell me that it should be here when it's clearly not! I don't like getting my hopes up! Praying to the mail gods that a package with "Hautelook" printed on it will land on my doorstep tomorrow and be waiting for me when I get home from class!

MAC - Sheen Supreme Lipstick Bare Again

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